Selected for CreArt artists residency in Aveiro, Portugal! ;)


LF Human body - shortlisted

Some time ago I did several studio portraits about fusion of technology and medicine its progress and upgrading of the human body. About fusion of technological and biological. And this photo of Andrea was shortlisted on LF Human Body contest judged by Roger Ballen.  Andrea is tremendously strong and inspiring person, here is a part of her story.

Andrea (47) is Meningococcal disease surviver. After being diagnosed with sepsis and meningitis due to meningococcus, doctors gave Andre 40% chance of survival. She fought the battle and after 5 weeks in medically induced coma, 60 plastic surgeries and both lower limbs amputation, Andrea won. Today, Andrea can walk thanks to bionic legs and is active in organisation she co-founded that helps leg amputation survivors and is active in organisation that fights meningitis. 

And about the image: “Here we see a strong and beautiful lady, proudly bearing her artificial limbs. The stick might make her seem vulnerable, but she comes across as defiant and confident, that idea strengthened by Darija’s choice to employ bold colouring, and strong outlines against the clean and artificial setting. Her subject owns the frame.” - Life Framer