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Permanent aspiration towards progress of humanity we can see through prism of humanism, the individual’s tendency to be better by promoting rational thinking, freedom, democracy and taking care of their compatriots. Nonetheless, we can go a step further and expand such a perspective on upgrading human organism. In that case, we stop being focused on traditional humanistic methods of education and cultural development, and switch our focus towards technology and medicine development that will undoubtedly enable us to think beyond what we consider human. Technology is advancing, improving and it’s braking new grounds all very fast. Organism has been translated into problems of genetic coding and decoded, therefore society has never been so essentially connected and supported by technology as it is today.

Development at such a scale already has and will have even greater impact on improving the individual’s life, thus change of society itself with opening some important questions in religion, ethic, immortality, demography, socioeconomy etc. Project Decoding Homo records innovations and technological improvements of human body, fusion of technological and biological, with great expectations of tomorrow.


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