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"Love Zagreb" is a project based on photography and text. Its final shape is structured in the form of personal diary. Photographs are made in an absolute surrender to the moment, feeling and given circumstances, where text is added as deeper expression and the whole visual format is born from the personal as a confession that is currently universal for the whole society. Zagreb as a boundless source of inspiration and love as a universal initiator of everything.

Even though I knew that changes would bring new paths in life, I couldn’t imagine this exact scenario. To return to Zagreb after 12 years in Prague, at this moment, feels as if I slipped into some dark Slavic fairytale. As all fairy tales go, it all began delightfully and in the plot the tower collapses, but this time literally.  Zagreb is my city, where my heart grew and got broken few times and now, is spiked. Current Covid-19 situation and earthquake shook us all, separated us but at the same time brought us closer because shared experiences bring people together and this is double treat, collectively. I feel as if I could embrace the whole city of Zagreb, in a way myself too, if there were no Covid-19 situation and social distancing, we should organize mass hugging to ease the stress. It is not easy for me to be alone in this sort of situation, but for me as an artist it is important to turn towards art, art substitutes these hugs, gently cleanses my trauma and gives me not only wings but eyes also, to express world around me, it brightens my path. Here in my diary, I convey my experiences and my feelings about my return home, isolation, state of mind, city and love, and still it feels like we are all very similar and that I am just one of the stars in the sky. 


"Love Zagreb" is a project about love, about that higher vibration of connectivity, with one self, with friends, neighbors, wanted partners, nature, and universe, to all that shapes this city and how we shape it.



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