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The river is not just a physical place, but instead a much larger symbol of something else. Every city that lies on the river, lures people to it, as it would have some kind of a superpower and so may be the exact reason for so many symbols pertained to the river itself. This notion is even more flamboyant in the cities that are located at the confluence of two rivers. These rivers represent life itself, sometimes accelerated and turbulent filled with whirlpools and turns, sometimes calm and composed, confident in its depth. Be that as it may, they are vast amount of water flowing forward, alive. And at the end they may turn into oceans or a sea, but rarely die, returning to the source, they flow as everything else. They are symbol of duality, transition from one form to another, often as cleansing rituals too. Many seek solace on their banks, cleanse from stress, broken hearts along other difficulties, therefore ritually transferring from one state to another, from sorrow to joy, from stressed state to peaceful with some new form of fresh energy. Rivers are mighty, catalyzers filled with torrents of human torment, diseases and sorrow, containing equal parts of happiness and tragedy, they are teaching us to be fluid and to turn all bad to good, to flow along in all that fullness of water.

Project River is a research of the Kaunas rivers, the Nemunas and the Neris river through river landscapes and portraits of people lured to them, finding haven for balance of mind and soul.

Darija Jelincic
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