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In this photographic project I research how does landscape affect culture and environment. I am interested in presence of space and experience as well as intuition related to it. At the centre of creation is the artistic research of rivers in Kaunas area and its ever-changing landscape.


The river here is not perceived as just an existing natural phenomenon. Its flow, the landscape that it forms since the old days attract people who provide the natural phenomenon with a symbolical meaning. I am interested in the fact how the rivers determines the behavior of people who live here, the synergy between the lives of people and nature, peculiar and symbolical narratives of life in their search for harmony and balance aiming to be more in tune with nature, with themselves. I am interested in dialog of contemporary and natural, on how much we can develop a lifestyle of bringing nature into our modern lives.


I wanted to insert myself to the river landscape so I could pay attention of transient nature of things and reflect on what it gives to me and what gives to people who coexist with the landscape and how much is this coexistence important in their narratives of life.


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