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Darija jelincic


photographic artist

I was born in Zagreb, Croatia. I graduated with Master degree in Sociology at Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Zagreb, Croatia. During my studies I enrolled photography as an elective course at University's Design Studio in Zagreb. During 12 years in Prague I continued to work on my photographic development, discovering the long and rich Czech photographic scene. Naturally I combined these two interests, sociology and photography, using a personal fascination with human nature and culture in my photographic expression. My projects are mainly focused on people and their relationship to the community, expressed by the concepts of space and time. During my residency at the Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris, I collaborated with the Institute of Robotic and Intelligent Systems (ISIR) of the University of Sorbonne. I had participated at Academy VII Masterclass “Vision beyond tomorrow” as well as in two workshops at Agency VII and have exhibited my work in Zagreb, Prague, London, Cologne, Aveiro, Kaunas, San Francisco, Spain,Austria, Greece and Taiwan. My work is represented by Fouladi Project Art Gallery in San Francisco. I am a member of Croatian Association of Fine Artists and Croatian Freelance Artists' Association. At the moment I live and work in Zagreb, Croatia.

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