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In his work Taiwanese artist, dancer and performer Chenwei Hsu explores boundary between male and female, their complexity and interpenetration. It is interesting for him as a man to dive into himself and find all the female traits that he possess in order to experience more therefor understand female nature even more. Chenwei started to engage with this subject as he was growing up with mother, father and two sisters, and he wanted to understand and to familiarize himself to female nature in order to be better towards his mother, sisters and women in general.

Complete representation of personality sensibilities through dance and creativity in this art piece is captured in a collage of photographs. In its core, collage is aiming to visualize artist’s exploration and urge towards understanding different parts of his own body, personality and spirit. Deep exploration of the female side represented by gentle colors and strong black hair manifesting male side are visualizing process flow of the artist. Different body positions, rotated photographs and empty filed, are symbolizing rhythm and narrative that transform the whole image into a map, map of female and male.


This work was part of a group exhibition “Island of Inanna” by Lina Kovačević, Martina Miholić, Nika Šimičić, Irena Tomašić, Martina Granić and their guest Darija Jelinčić in Bačva gallery in 2019.

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